Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gems & Jewelry Great Tradition of India

Gems & Jewelry are a part of the most essential inventory of every women worldwide specially Indian household as almost all men and women from here are huge admirer of ornaments. The handicraft buyers of Indian’s   exported  gems and jewelry fashioned in different designs and styles across world since 04th Century A.D..

One of the oldest forms of jewelry made and worn in India is the 22 Karat Solid  Gold Kundan Jewelry. Kundan work is a method of gem setting, consisting of inserting gold foil between the stones and its gold mount. Kundan jewelry received great patronage during the Mughal era and the most beautiful pieces were created in those times. 

Kundan Jewelry is made of gold that is highly refined and is known as Kundan in India.  Indian jewelers also have another meaning of the word.  For them, Kundan is not only the gold that is made into a jewel but also the type of setting on which they set the precious stones.  Kundan jewelry is not made of  all  solid gold.  Its center hollow part is filled with lac or a natural resin made from hardened tree sap.  The jewelry pieces that makes the whole Kundan jewelry, which are usually justified into hollow separate halves, are usually handled by separate jewelers or assistant jewelers for its shaping before they are fitted together through soldering.  Holes are then bored into the separate halves of the Kundan jewelry, once they are fitted together to make the pattern designed by the jeweler.  These holes are where the stones are set. Any engraving is done before the hollows of the Kundan jewelry are then inserted with lac.  Because the lac could still be seen through the holes in front, the highly refined Kundan gold almost 100% is poured on the setting to cover the lac and only then is the stone pushed right into the still pliable Kundan.

A mere look at enviable collection of Kundan Jewelry which is on display at most of Indian museums will leave you dumbstruck. You will be amazed at the masterpieces and the level of expertise and skill required in attaining such perfection in a piece of jewelry. Kundan jewelry was patronized by the royals and the rich in the past but with increasing popularity, more and more people are opting for it.

Kundan Jewelry is another blend of gold jewelry. Here, highly refined gold is used in conjunction with a special material called lac. Lac is a natural resin made from a hardened tree sap. Here, each piece of jewelry containing holes is separately made. These pieces are then joined to make one single piece by soldering. Engraving work is then done, depending upon the design. Following this, lac is laid out in these holes and can be seen from the front side. On this highly refined gold is poured, followed by the precious stone. The lac is covered by the gold and the precious stone is finally set. For extra durability, more Kundan or refined gold can be added. 

A single piece of Kundan jewelry is done by different artisans. The chiterias do the work of basic designing of the jewelry, engraving work is carried out be gharias, the enameling work is done be the enameler or MeenaKar , the goldsmith looks after the gold or Kundan work and finally stone setters do work of just setting the precious stone in the holes of the jewelry. Different precious stones which can be incorporated in Kundan jewelry comprise of agate, garnet, emerald, topaz, amethyst, jade, rock crystal, spinel, uncut diamonds, sapphires etc.

Rajasthan and it city, Bikaner is well known for Kundan jewelry. You will be surprised to see the variety of Kundan jewelry available here ranging from jewelry sets, earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, armbands, nose rings etc. Intricate motifs, designs and engravings make each piece of Kundan jewelry distinct and striking from each other. Most of the Kundan jewelry available today is replicas of earlier designs of the olden days. 

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